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Leena Mogre on Madhuri Dixit, weight loss secrets and ageing
Katrina Kaif, John Abraham, Bipasha Basu and Madhuri Dixit can speak volumes about her capabilities. Leena Mogre, the fitness trainer to stars answers the questions of Sify users. Here is the complete chat transcript...

Do yogasanas help in strengthening the muscles?
Weight training helps you to strengthen the muscles. Yoga helps you to increase your flexibility and strengthen the internal organs. Power yoga in addition to weight training will strengthen your muscles.

Is it safe to do cardios all days of the week?
Yes it is, but weight training is important as it strengthens the joints and the bones so there are less injuries.

Is a positive attitude toward physical activity as essential as working out to lose weight?
Yes, very important.

I want to remove belly fat, please suggest some excercise
To reduce belly fat it`s very important to have a combination of weight training and cardio. Weight training increases the BMR and cardio helps you to lose weight. Because of weight training your lean muscle tissue goes up and hence the burning of fat. Also you have to go on alow fat diet

Hi ! I am umesh from Vizag. Is it ok to walk down hill and then climb on daily basis say for a km. I feel it`s hurting my knee..
Hello Umesh how are you? It`s ok to do this once a week otherwise weight training is important in addition to this. Weight training strengthens your knees and joints. So start that so you will see the results and also, for safety sake, consult a physician.

How make a mind set for exercise?
Exercise at the same time everyday and get a nice dress which is two times tighter.

When are you planning to start a gym at Chennai?
Ya very soon

Hi, I am 40 yrs old and I have gained weight suddenly. My stomach looks big sometimes and sometimes it is normal. My weight is 146 LB, 5.6 height
At the age of 40 there are a lot of hormonal changes in your body and hence your stomach looks big so start doing weight training as you`ll develop lean muscle tissues and increase your BMR and that will in turn keep the weight low.

Any fitness advice for today`s youngsters?
Yes. Make fitness your lifestyle, avoid junk food; instead of going to discotheques go to gyms, dont drink dont take drugs.

How reliable are exercise videos?
I think exercise videos are only a guide. You cannot achieve a toned body only through EXERCISE VIDEO - you need to work out in a gym.

Are abs the only way to tone stomach muscles?
Abs is not the only way to tone muscles. One has to tone the overall body, strengthen the core muscles and lose overall body fat.

Can we increase HDL levels by exercising?
Yes. The HDL and LDL cholesterol ratio definitely improves after doing weight training.

What is the future of fitness training as a career option?
Very good. The need for trainers is increasing. Management category also in the fitness industry is in great demand.

My doctor asks me to walk to improve stamina. Is it enough or should I combine it with some exercise?
You can combine it with weight training and power yoga.

Is it ok for teenagers to start gymming?
Yes. Above 14 years it`s safe to start weight training but with the supervision of a personal trainer.

What is the best time to work out, before bed or early morning?
Any time is the best time as long as you make time to work out everyday.

Is it safe to do pilates and floor exercises together?
Yes, it is completely safe.

I am vegeterian and have very controlled diet of 4-5 rotis/day with vegetables and dal etc. I request you to guide us how to increase energy levels and ultimately become fit
Include proteins in your diet like intake of tofu and start working out.

I am 41, 167 cms and 86 kg. I know I am overweight by 15 Kg but whenever I start any exercise regime I find myself on low energy levels
Take a diet from a qualified dietician

How many hours of exercise per week does an average adult need?
45 minutes to 1 hour everyday

How do you personally stay fit?
I do weight training, personal training, power yoga, ashtang yoga, kick boxing and also follow a balanced diet.

What training program did you prescribe for Madhuri?
Cardio in the form of dancing because she loves dancing and weight training and she hated to go on a diet, so she worked out daily.

Is it safe to eat raw cucumber?
Yes, it is completely safe

Can lauki juice kill you?
Of course not.

I`m not over-weight but have extra fat in various parts of my body. What should I do?
Cardio and weight training and follow a low fat diet

I want to understand one thing when girls actually go for a lot of excercise ..why do they become so skinny and don`t look good?
They might not be following a healthy diet and one should also not follow a crash diet.

Hi. I am 45 years old, weight 72 kg & height 5 feet 10 inch. I have severe back pain since last 6 years. Recently last one year back I wake up around 4.20 am and go for a morning walk about 7 kms. Is it right?.
Please consult an orthopaedic regarding this.

I have a very slow metabolism rate and irregular periods. Because of which even if I have a proper diet and regular exercises I am unable to lose weight. Please suggest what exercise or diet to follow.
Go to a endocronologist and get your hormone balance checked.

Best way to have a flat tummy
Ans: Low fat diet, weight training, cardio and regular work out.

I want to gain weight with a handsome body. Now my weight is 54 Kg with a height of 5 feet 4 inches. Pls help me.
You have to do weight training 3 times a week and follow a diet which is high in proteins.

It is said that once you join a gym and then leave it, you gain weight faster. How far is it true?
Not true at all. Working out is a lifestyle. What will happen if you stop brushing your teeth it will decay and fall.

Hi Leena, I jog for 10-15 mins daily and do about 300-400 skippings in the mornings after the stretching exercises. I even do light weights in the evenings may be thrice a week. I am 43 yrs 75kgs. Is this routine ok or would you suggest anything more?
That`s extremely good.

I`m based in Vadodara, wherein we don`t have real good trainers. Is it possible to get your appointment for designing a fitness plan?
You can come to Mumbai and visit my GYM.

How to lose post pregancy weight?
First of all get a go ahead from your gynaec that you can work out. After you have stopped breastfeeding, go on a low cal diet. And strengthen your core muscles that is your abs and lower back and start doing weight training.

How do we know our muscles are really getting worked out?
Progressive overload is the principle of weight training. Keep a tab of that and you will know whether your muscles are getting worked out.

I am 30 and wish to have another baby.. but doctor has asked to reduce weight by 15 kgs. I`m 79.9 kgs, how can I reduce it fast?
There are no shortcuts to reduce weight.

Hi madam I am from Dubai I am 5 feet 9 and weight is 82 Kgs. Please let me know how much weight should I reduce. I walk for 20 minutes every day.
Your ideal weight should be 75 and for that join a gym and do proper workouts.

What are the different ways in which we can redcue our weight. I am around 65 Kg.
The different ways can be kick boxing, cardio, weight training and a balanced diet. Contact your trainer or join a gym.

How can I reduce weight quickly?
There are no short cuts to reduce weight, work out regularly.

How can we reduce cholesterol?
A low fat diet with weight training and cardio and a low carb diet.

Is it possible to get six pack at 43 yrs of age?
Yes, you can by working out.

I am unable to control my hunger, if I exercise only then I`m able to control my weight.
So then do it.

I want to know what is the major function of weight training at the gym? Does it help to gain muscle weight? Or does it help tone up the skin while you loose weight at the cardio section?
Weight training increases your lean muscle tissues and tones up your muscles and a combination of cardio and weight training helps you to lose weight.

I am overweight. Many friends of mine suggested skipping dinner while being regular at gym! But I want to try a no-carbs diet: Cornflakes/oats for breakfast, 2 chapatis, sabzi as lunch, sprouts/fruits for dinner. Pls tell me if it`s a stupid idea?
Go to a qualified diectician and take an opinion. Don`t rely on this diet.

Hi Leena, there is a lot of fat on my stomach, especially after delivery my stomach is very loose. Can you tell me some tips for a fat and stiff belly?
You need to tone up your core muscles by working out.

What is the right way of doing gym at home
You need to have a tread mill, swiss balls and dumbbells and hire the services of a personal trainer.

I just heard about flowing, can you please tell me more about it?
Flowing is the latest form of workout for core strengthening and body toning. It requires special equipment of a mat and pads for the hands. Join Leena Mogre`s Fitness because that`s the only gym which has this workout.

Hi, Can you suggest me some fun ways to workout?
Kick boxing, circuit training, dancing.

I do exercise at my home but I can`t improve my body
Join a gym

I want to know whether doing aerobics every alternate day is recommended? plz reply soon :)
Ya, please do that and do weight training on alternate days.

I heard from my friend that eating small meals every 2-3 hrs is a better way to reduce weight and keep yourself fit ! I want to know how true it is.
Its true because your BMR goes up but consult your dietician before you go ahead with it

My age is 22 and I`m very thin so how can I can gain weight please suggest some diet tips as I have tried many tips to gain weight but all in vain.
Do weight training thrice a week go on a high protein diet.

Hi Leena - Thank you for your time - my question - how do you motivate these too busy people to take out enough time for fitness?
Only a busy person has time for everything thats how they get busy

I am 5 feet 4, what should be my ideal weight?
54 kgs also check your percentage fat

I consume 60 ml of whiskey every alternate day. Is it ok?
No it`s not ok

How to choose a fitness centre?
See the location like is it close to your house or work place, whether they have qualified trainers or whether they have good fitness consultants.

Is the GM (general motors) diet is advisable????
No not advisable go to a dietician for a proper diet

Should one stop eating rice to have effective weight loss? Also can I have 1 whole boiled egg as breakfast with a fruit?
You can have rice and eggs but do get a diet planned from a dietician.

Would you say working out at home is as good as going to the gym to shed about 5 kilos?
No you need to visit the gym

Can you suggest some relaxation technique to sleep well?
do relaxing yoga before you go to sleep

Do you reccomend Ramdev Baba`s pranayaam?

What is best way to combate aging maam?
Weight training, yoga, drink loads of water have antioxidants.

My weight is 85 kgs and I am a diabetic. I have been taking medicines for diabetics. I have been trying to reduce my weight by exercise and diet. What should I do for reduction of weight. My age is 56 yrs and height is 5 feet 4
I feel you should join a gym get your fitness assessment done, do cycling for cardio and do weight training. Please have a pre workout and a post workout meal always

Hey Leena, I am from Chandigarh. Looking forward to see you in chandigar soon.
We have a gym at Chandigarh which opens on 1st october, see you at the gym.

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