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Hazeena Seyad
A self taught passionate cook whose life is food and cooking. She started cooking at a young age of 14. Initally Hazeena`s mother-in-law was her mentor who guided her and now sky is the limit as she tries and experiments with everything that inspires her.She shares her recipes in her page "saute,fry n bake/Facebook". She is on a mission to keep lesser known `ravuthar` traditional recipes from slipping into food oblivion.
Deeba Rajpal
Deeba Rajpal has been baking at home for over 15 years and enjoys it more and more each passing day. She finds it challenging, inspirational, creative and therapeutic. She is inspired by seasons and the colours that nature offers. Her blog "passionate about baking" has photographs and recipes of her adventures in the kitchen.
Jeyashri Suresh
An avid food photographer and a keen blogger, Jeyashri provides detailed, step-wise recipes in her blog Jeyashri`s Kitchen. She specialises in authentic South Indian recipes.
Jayanthy Kumaran
An avid foodie, Jay blogs at Tasty Appetite. A talented food photographer, her skill is exhibited in her blog. Her step-by-step instructions make her recipes easy to follow.
Nithya Balaji
Nithya is interested in food photography, food art and floral rangoli. She writes stories in English and Tamil. Her recipes and stories were featured in popular English and Tamil magazines. Her blog Nithu's Kitchen is home to a wide range of easy-to-make recipes from South Indian and International cuisines.
Anjana Chaturvedi
Anjana Chaturvedi is from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, but is skilled in all kinds of cuisines. She is interested in researching rare and unusual recipes, and loves experimenting and inventing. Her blog Maayeka specialises in saatvik vegetarian cooking (without onion or garlic).
Sandhya Ramakrishnan
Sandhya loves travelling and meeting people. Her passion for eating good food drove her to be a better cook; her culinary skill is demonstrated in her blog My Cooking Journey.
A food enthusiast, Krupa specialises in vegetarian cuisine. She has dedicated her blog Pachanti to the preservation of the culinary tradition of India. Besides cooking, Krupa loves taking photographs and drawing caricatures.
Nandini Sivakumar
For someone who started out as a business journalist, food writing was not particularly on Nandini Sivakumar`s radar. But extensive research for a cookbook, which later went on to win an international award, kindled her interest in starting a blog of her own. At foodiliciousnan, she chronicles her experiments in the kitchen
Sweta Chakraborty
Sweta Chakraborty believes that cooking is a basic necessity of life. She has travelled across countries and explored their culinary flavours. Her blog, swetawriter, is dedicated towards the 21st century woman.
Pavithra Elangovan
Pavithra wanted to go to a culinary school, but ended up becoming an IT graduate. Having travelled widely in several Asian countries, Pavithra was greatly influenced by their cuisine. A "Daring baker", she loves to explore new ingredients and different cuisines. All her recipes are tried and tested and she blogs at Dishes from My Kitchen.
Sonali Pradhan
Sonali is a happy, self-contented homemaker now after a short career as Software Engineer. Sonali loves dancing and painting besides cooking for her family.
Her blog Only Fish Recipes is inspired by the love her daughter has for fish.
Aruna Manikandan
Aruna loves cooking and specialises in recipes from South India. Aruna shares her healthy, nutritious, vegetarian recipes with the world through her blog Veggie Paradise .
Chitra Ramachandran
Chitra Ramachandran is a very talented home cook and a prolific writer. Her recipes always come with reminscenses of people, places, history, tradition and culture. She blogs at Chitra Amma's Kitchen, to preserve South Indian Vegetarian cooking styles and hopes they will make interesting reading for current as well as future generations.
J Sharmilee
Sharmilee loves working with colours, especially on the web. She is passionate about her blog Sharmis Passions which contains recipes for healthy food, low fat baked goodies and tips on food photography.
Hari Chandana
Hari Chandana, fondly called Hari in the blogging world started cooking at the age of eleven. Her passion for cooking found expression in her blog Indian cuisine. Hari specializes in authentic, nutritious, healthy and tasty Indian food. She loves to experiment with and re-invent dishes.
Subbalakshmi Renganathan
Subbalakshmi Renganathan specialises in traditional Tamil Brahmin cooking. A housewife who inherited the secret of cooking from her mom and mother-in-law, Subbalakshmi started blogging at She firmly believes that nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.
Nithya Rajasekaran
Nithya Rajasekaran, a software developer turned blogger, loves experimenting with various cuisines. She owes her interest and talent for cooking to her mother. Nithya is at her creative best while presenting and photographing food of which her blog 4th sense cooking is proof.
Radhika Vasanth
Radhika Vasanth believes that cooking is not rocket science. Anyone can master this art with a little practice and perseverance. Her food blog Food for 7 Stages of Life is a humble attempt to share those easy to make, delicious yet healthy recipes from India and other parts of the world. Her mantra is - Eat Wise and Stay Healthy.
Bridget White-Kumar
Bridget White-Kumar grew up in Kolar Gold Fields, a small mining town in Karnataka famous for its Colonial ambiance. She has always been passionate about cooking and after a long banking career, she brought out six recipe books specialising in Anglo-Indian cuisine and blogs at Anglo-Indian Recipes.
Rajeswari Vijayanand
Rajeswari Vijayanand, fondly known as Raks in the blogging world, loves to share her authentic recipes with the world through her blog Rak's Kitchen. Rajeswari tries her hand at both south and north Indian recipes. All her recipes are tried and tested.
Uma Priya
Uma Priya hails from Andhra Pradesh. She enjoys cooking and considers it an expression of her aesthetics. She cooks mainly Andhra recipes most of which are her own creation. Her recipes are healthy and can be made quickly, from simple ingredients. She shares her passion for cooking in her recipe journal Trendy Relish.
Malathi Mohan
Malathi Mohan is passionate about Dietetics and Food service Management. This erstwhile President of the Indian Dietetic Association is currently Dean, Academy of Fitness Management, FitnessOne, Chennai. If you have a query on food or a specific diet, post it right here.

Dr Gowthaman
Dr Gowthaman, Medical Director of rVita, practices Ayurvedic Medicine (Indian Systems of Medicine). His key areas of interest include general health, women and pediatric care, preventive care, diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol, arthritis, and stress and sleep disorders. If you have a query on Complementary and Alternative medicine, you can post it right here.

Namita Jain
Namita Jain is a highly respected authority in the wellness industry. Actively involved in the wellness space for over 20 years, Namita writes on health issues such as nutrition, exercise and related topics. If you have a query on fitness for Namita, post it right here.

Mahimaa Ramkumar
I have a great passion for cooking and photography. My blog, Indian Vegetarian Kitchen is a collection of healthy, easy and mouth-watering dishes from North and South India!
Ramakrishnan B
Ramki is known for his column Express Cooking in Vikatan and `Express Cooking` is a popular cookery show on TV in Tamil Nadu. He holds the record for cooking solo a 10 course Indian marriage feast for 500 people in 3 hours. His `One page cookbooks` offer a new, easy way to look at cooking.
Preiyha Rajesh
Preiyha Rajesh currently resides in the U.S. She specializes in South Indian vegetarian cooking. In her blog, she aims to provide recipes in both Tamil and English so that people from all over the world can use it based on the availability of vegetables in their localily. She plans to bring out the medicinal values of vegetables used in South Indian cooking and also their calorific value.
Dhivya Karthik
Dhivya Karthik considers cooking as an art - a gastronomical journey which inspires creativity with the myriad sense of aroma and taste. For her food speaks a universal language which binds people across cultures and boundaries. This probably was one of the starting points of her expansion into various styles of cooking and her blog is a revelation of this.
Ramya, a Kannadiga by birth, is settled in the US. Love for cooking started early for Ramya and soon turned into passion. Her love for Indian cuisine has grown manyfold after her exposure to different cultures and cuisines in the US. She is a keen food blogger and specialises in vegetarian recipes. Her traditional Karnataka recipes find a place in her blog.
Rehana Khambaty
Rehana Khambaty hails from Nashik. She spent her youth in Dubai where she interacted with people of different nationalities and gained tremendous culinary exposure. She also won many cookery contests. If you have a query on cooking for Rehana, post it right here.

Chandri Bhat
Chandri Bhat has been teaching Indian and Global cooking for over 30 years. She currently heads the Chennai Culinary Institute and also serves as the official consultant for popular appliance companies, food manufacturers and restaurants.
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