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Stir-fried spaghetti
By : Rajeswari Vijayanand
Category : Breakfast
Servings : 2
Time Taken : 30-45 mins
Rating :
  1. Cook the spaghetti as per the instructions given in the pack
  2. Chop the spring onion - white and green parts separately.
  3. Heat a broad pan with olive oil, first add the white part of the spring onion, fry till transparent.
  4. Then add the carrot, cabbage and capsicum one after the other, frying each for a minute or two.
  5. Finally, add the pepper and sauce, salt as required and then the green part of the spring onion.
  6. Add the cooked pasta and stir/toss well so that the veggies get mixed with the pasta evenly.
  7. Garnish with spring onion and serve hot!

Recipe courtesy: Rak`s Kitchen

100g - spaghetti (whole wheat, if possible)
1/2 cup - cabbage, julienned
1/2 a carrot,julienned
1/2 of a medium sized capsicum
2-3 sprigs - spring onion
1 tsp - ground black pepper
1/2 tsp - soy sauce
2 tbsp - olive oil
Salt & water as needed
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