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Hootokshi's Kitchen
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I live in Pune and enjoying cooking. I love to experiment with different cusinies and have a passion for making chocolates - hand moulded which I sell commerically.
My Recipes
Fried Potatoes with Brinjal
Banana and Curd Salad
Keri Ni Rus Ni Kudhi (Mango Juice Kadhi)
Brinjal Stew with Curds
Gobi Ni Salad
Mixed Summer Cooler
Orange Mint Cooler
Mixed Fruit Punch
Black Currant Juice
Apple Mint Tea
Moong sprout chila
Instant Baby Potato Chaat
Soya Kebabs
Spicy Pasta
Manhattan Soup
Potato Au Gratin
Instant Uttapam
Corn Cakes
Rice Salad - Chinese style
Shirkhand with Roohafza
Soya Kabab
Peanut Crispies
Mustard Dip
Quick Carrot Pickle
Lauki Rolls
Bread Surprise
Chocolate Pancakes
Mutton roast
Pork Vindaloo
Stuffed eggs
Dudh Pak
Burmese Rice
Cake Doughnuts
Coffee Custard
Meringue Bread Pudding
Gol Papdi
Sponge In Chocolate Sauce
French Onion Soup
Potato Soup
Baked Alaska
Baked Beans Meat Casserole
Baked Chocolate Pudding
Baked Savoury Macaroni
Canary Pudding
Prawn Risotto
Eggs Florentine
Spaghetti with meat balls
Chicken Corn soup
Corn meat vegetable bake
Spicy Bonda
Kashmiri Chicken
Barbecued Pork Chops
Liver Kababs
Pork Coconut Fry
Chinese Chicken Fry
Plain roast chicken
Potato Vegetable Moilee
Spicy Bonda
Liver Kababs
Shami Kebabs
Nargirisi Kebabs
Moghlai Mutton Chops
Murg Musallam
Stuffed Tomato Salad
Chicken Chaat
Lemon Cordial
Devilled Eggs
Chocolate Spread
Cheese Spread
Vanilla Crisps
Barbecue Sauce
Tomato Chutney in Oil
Mango Sweet Chutney
Sauteed Noodles
Cheese Dip
Cottage Dip
Crab Cheese Dip
Cucumber Dip
Egg Dip
Raspberry Syrup
Instant Cheesy Hamburgers
Fried Chicken Sandwich
Cottage Cheese Toasted Sandwich
Stuffed Eggs
Moong Poha
Cheese Souffle
Sardine Rounds
Masala Khichdi
Favorite Recipes
Fish Pulao
Mixed Sprouts Pulao
Murgh Sausage Pulao
Kashmiri Pulao
Rajma Chawal
Light Lemon Cake
Orange and Lemon Drink
Mango Meringue Cake
Raspberry Chocolate
Strawberry Chocolate
Orange and Strawberry Punch
Tiramisu Layered Cake
Microwave Milk Cake
Microwave Doodh Peda
Chicken Sandwich Bake
Chocoate and Orange Mousse
Fruit Punch
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