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Tandoori Tawa Murg
By : Debi
Category : Chicken, Bengal, Special recipes
Servings : 5-6
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
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1st marination:

  1. Cut chicken in medium to big pieces (not more than 15 pieces/Kg), wash and pat dry. Marinate with 50gms curd overnight.

2nd marination:

  1. Add 2 tsp of tandoori chicken masala, 2 tsp of garlic paste, red chilli powder with marinated chicken, whole capsicum, blanched mutton mushroom and tomatoes as well.
  2. Rub them with ghee.
  3. Now grease a non-stick tawa with 1 tsp of ghee, heat it and place whole capsicum, tomatoes (pre cut) and mushrooms, grill until burn marks comes on their skin.
  4. If required cover the same for faster cooking.
  5. when done remove from tawa and keep aside.
  6. Now place chicken pieces and continue same process, sprinkle a little on it.
  7. Turn the chicken from time to time to get brown color on both sides.
  8. Do not cover the pan, cook till the chicken becomes soft.
  9. While making this, start preparing the gravy in another pan.
  10. Add refined oil with 1 tbsp ghee. Warm it, then add powdered green cardamom.
  11. Wait for 10-12 sec to get the aroma, now add onion paste, fry till golden brown.
  12. Add ginger and garlic paste, stir well.
  13. Add coriander powder, red chilli powder, fry till massala separates from oil.
  14. Now add the tawa grilled chicken pieces along with the masala left in the tawa.
  15. Add tandoori chicken Masala, mix well, keep stirring add curd and mix well.
  16. Add salt.
  17. Can be covered for faster cooking.
  18. Reduce flame to avoid sticking.
  19. After chicken is done, add cashew and melon seed paste.
  20. Blend well with the gravy.
  21. Dry the extra moisture if required, gravy should be thick.
  22. Now cut the grilled capsicum, tomato and button mushroom into big pieces, add to the chicken.
  23. To get a smoky flavour, heat the charcoal, put in a small bowl and place in the chicken preparation.
  24. Pour a few drops of refined oil or ghee and cover the pan immediately.
  25. Keep for 5-6 mins to let the flavour get absorbed.
  26. Now tawa tandoori chicken is ready to serve.
1 Kg - chicken
3-4 medium size onions, make a paste
15-20 cloves/1 pod - garlic (paste)
2 tsp - ginger Paste
4-5 - green cardamom
100 gm - curd
25 gm - cashewnut
2 tsp - dry melon seeds
(Make paste of above two)
3-4 - red chilli according to taste, but should be a little spicy
4 tbsp - refined oil
2 tbsp - ghee
1 tbsp - coriander powder
3 tbsp - tandoori chicken masala
Salt to taste
2 - capsicums (100 gms total)
3-4 medium size tomatoes
5-6 - button mushroom (blanched)
1 tsp - red chilli powder
1 pinch - sugar
1 - charcoal
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