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Hyderabadi Dum Biryani
By : uzmanasheed
Category : Meat, Andhra
Servings : 3-4
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
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  1. Wash and drain meat, add cardamon powder, lemon juice and salt to it and keep it aside for 1/2 an hour.
  2. To this meat, add fresh ginger garlic paste, chilli paste, garam masala and curd and marinate for 50 mins.
  3. Wash and keep rice aside.
  4. In a big 1 kg utensil, boil 3 litres of water.
  5. To this, add garam masala (cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and fennel) and mint leaves and salt.
  6. To the boiling water, add rice and cook only till rice is 1/2 cooked not completely cooked.
  7. Now drain and keep the 1/2 cooked rice aside. Heat oil in a small utensil, spread the marinated meat, sprinkle fried brown onions.
  8. Then put the 1/2 cooked rice over it and lastly sprinkle the milk and saffron strands on the top.
  9. Close the lid and seal the edges of the utensil with aluminium foil or wheat dough.
  10. Cook the biryani on high flame for 5 mins and then simmer the flame.
  11. Cook the biryani for 30-40 min by changing the position of the container so as to avoid over cooking.
  12. Serve it with Hyderabadi mirchiyon ka salan and dahi ki chatni.
  13. Same procedures can be applied to chicken biryani also.

Image: Flickr/creativecommons atlai
1 kg - mutton with bones
4 tbsp - fresh ginger garlic paste
1/2 cup - green chilli paste
2&1/2 cups - curd
1&1/2 tbsp - garam masala
2 tbsp - cardamon powder
Salt as per taste
1 medium sized - lemon
Onions cut and fried till light brown
1 tsp - saffron
1/2 cup - milk
1 bunch - coriander
4 cups - basmati rice
1&1/2 cup - oil
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