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Womens Day
Food for growing girls
Teenaged girls need a healthy, balanced diet, rich in fruit, vegetables and starchy foods. Here are some nutritionally balanced recipes that will stand them in good stead.
Cheese and Dal Soup
Carrot salad | Rasamadhuri Sherbet
Soya Parotha | Low cal mint paneer
Ragi idli | Mushroom masala
Instant dhokla | Baby corn pulav
More Veg | More Non Veg
Beauty and health
Cheese and Dal Soup
Drive away dandruff
Living with acne
Pregnancy and motherhood
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Diet tips for the woman on the run
The busy lifestyle of working women should never make one compromise on the quality of food consumed.Here are some tips to balanced meals.
Whole Wheat Bhakris
Multi Grain Dosa
Mixed Dals with Eggs
Vegetable Idli
Sprouts Dosa
Spicy Leeks and Dill Roti
Mixed Grain Kurma
Aloo-Pulses Kichdi
Whole Wheat Cakes
Gujarati Dal

Ash Gourd Dry Sabji
Brown Rice Lentil Salad
Orange Ginger Chicken
Steamed Hilsa Fish
Orange-Lemon Refresher

Cauliflower and Lettuce Soup
Soya Bean and Cabbage Salad
Basic Roti
Chawli Ki Dal Dhokli
Yoghurt, Soyamilk, Apricot Dessert
Important Tip
Avoid non veg for dinner if you want to control your weight. Important Tip
Food for older women
With age, women often find that weight clings on to them. Realignment of food habits is important to stay fit as you age. For a perfect balance of Vit E, Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants, a handful of walnuts and almonds should be eaten everyday.
Mushrooms in Yoghurt
Strawberry Orange Juice
Capsicum with Peanuts
Paneer & Baby Corn Stir Fry
Whole Grain Upma
Maple Cranberry Sauce
Paneer/Tofu and Vegetable Saute
Food For Older Women