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5 yummilicious potato recipes Gallery
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A healthy vegetable
Potatoes are a high carbohydrate, low fat vegetable. Cooking potatoes unpeeled conserves their vitamin B, C and salts. Its high potassium content makes it a heart-friendly vegetable. When cooked rightly with minimal oil, potatoes are ideal for babies and the convalescent.

From a low fat snack to a dry curry for lunchbox, we bring you a handful of recipes made from this all-time favourite vegetable you just can`t resist.

Size Zero Potato Roast
Baby potatoes - 50 gm
Chilly powder - 2 tsp
Turmeric powder - a pinch
Oil - 1 tsp
Cumin - 1 tsp


Boil and peel baby potatoes, taking care not to mash them up
Heat 1 tsp oil in the non-stick pan (the flatter, the better)
Add cumin, followed by chilli powder and a pinch of turmeric
Add potatoes, mix well and reduce to low and let potatoes sizzle for some 30 mins (at least 20 mins)
Keep tossing every five minutes or so
Toss it all into a nice bowl and finish all by yourself

You can simply dice normal potatoes or cut them up into wedges or into thin strips like French fries. But boil potatoes so as to not let them turn too soft.

Recipe courtesy: foodiliciousnan

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