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For nutritional value
One of the most important aspects of healthy eating is to ensure maximum benefits from the calories we consume. Think of adding value to calories, and like a person with a limited budget looks for value for money in every rupee he/she spends, you must look for value in the calories you consume.

This value is in terms of nutrition and satisfaction.

Carbohydrates are needed to supply energy and to keep the hunger pangs at bay. But they should be consumed in moderation. Refined carbohydrates like maida (flour), polished rice, semolina etc have a high glycemic index. So, look for unrefined, complex carbohydrates and cook them with other nutritiously rich ingredients to make a satisfying meal.

Matki pulao with avial

Value addition to calories: Pulao is generally prepared from raw rice or basmati rice – a refined carbohydrate. In this recipe, sprouted green gram and rice are used in equal proportion. This adds fibre to the dish and lowers its GI. And it can be made with very little oil.

Click here for Matki pulao recipe

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