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Cooking tips by Rehana Khambaty Gallery
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Cornflour is an excellent thickening agent and more
When you soak rice and urad dal for idlis and dosas, wash everything thoroughly before soaking. Later use the soaked water while grinding. If you wash rice and dal after soaking you
will lose most of the vitamins.

Excess salt in any dish can be brought down by adding diced potatoes, tomatoes or a teaspoon of sugar.

When you are making vadas, if the batter is watery - you will have the problem of oil
splattering when you fry it. Add a tablespoon of ghee to the batter and your problem will be

Don't salt meat before you cook it. Always salt meat halfway through cooking. (little less
than what is required). Then taste the meat when it is done and then add salt as needed.

To thicken any gravy or soup add corn flour to it. It is an excellent thickening agent.
Remember to mix it in good water before adding to avoid lumps.

Source: Rehana

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