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Cooking tips by Rehana Khambaty Gallery
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Avoid tears by chilling the onion and more
While making any pasta add salt to the boiling water in which you are cooking it. That will be the only chance you get to salt it. Add salt after the water boils. If you add it before , it will take a longer time to boil.

To avoid sticky rice, soak washed rice in water for at least ten minutes before cooking. A
teaspoon of oil can be added to get separate grains of cooked rice.

While make any deep fried dish, if the hot oil starts foaming and rises in the pan, add a
small piece of tamarind to the oil. This will prevent foaming and spill over.

If you want to have soft idlis, do not beat the batter before pouring idlis. The air bubble
sin the batter helps you to get soft idlis. Beating the batter removes these air bubbles.

Chill onion is refrigerator before cutting to avoid tears. One other way to avoid tears is to
soak peeled onion is water before cutting.
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