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Four foods to fight cold Gallery
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Vitamin C
What comes to your mind when you think of winter? Misty mornings and steaming cups of tea, you bet. But lurking in the recess of your mind is the nagging cold that you suffered last winter, no doubt!

It is a given that sneezes and sniffles form part of the life of even an otherwise healthy person in cold weather. So, what can be done to boost immunity and give the bug a miss?

Here`s a quick look at what you can eat to give your body the much-required ammunition to fight colds.

This vitamin is found in fruits available in plenty throughout the year. It can be found in abundance in the affordable guava. Also reach out for oranges, goose-berries, cabbage, capsicum and potatoes to get your dose of Vitamin C. Eat these foods regularly to help fight cold better.

Here are some recipes you can use:

Guava Squash

Carrot orange salad

Cabbage coriander curry

Cabbage capsicum masala

Image: Flickr/creativecommons hozae

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