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Healthy weight loss: A New Year resolution Gallery
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Realistic goals
Losing weight and eating less junk food may top many lists of New Year`s resolutions. But sticking with those good intentions is just not easy. Most people have unrealistic expectations. Food must be selected such that it will help to reach your nutritional goals which not only satisfy your tastes but fuels your body quickly towards your New Year resolution. When making dietary changes you must set a few realistic goals such that you stick to them in the long run.

Burn fat to lose weight

First of all, you must be ready to lose weight for yourself and no one else. People who have more motivation are more successful in losing weight. Choosing a `fad` diet or low calorie meal, replacement drinks, soups and snacks cannot provide the same balance of nutrients as ordinary healthy food but it promotes quick weight loss. The success of any crash diet is short lived because water and protein are lost from the body rather than excess body fat. You may lose weight, but gain it back just as quickly when you return to your normal diet.

What is healthy weight loss?

Ms Mumtaz Khalid Ismail

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