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Cuts and grazes to the skin should be treated immediately with an effective antiseptic, to prevent germs from invading the wound and preventing healing. A first aid kit should be kept close to hand and should contain dressings, bandages and antiseptic.

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Don`t worry too much about germs - after all, they are a natural part of our lives. however, don`t be complacent either, especially in the kitchen

Here are 5 essential precautions you should take to stay safe in the kitchen:

  • Regularly clean all surfaces and floors with an antibacterial cleaner.

  • Store raw and cooked food separately and according to the product labels.

  • Always wash your hands with an antibacterial hand wash before and after handling food.

  • Control flying and crawling insects with a trusted insecticide.

  • Keep a first aid kit, with an antiseptic handy.

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