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How to get best results
Rehana takes us through some useful tips when it comes to cooking, cleaning and preserving food. Skim through these easy steps and apply them at home.

- If dried herbs are used in a recipe, crush them first to release their fragrance.

- Add a few pinches of turmeric and a small spoon of ghee to dal before pressure cooking. This will impart a better flavour to the dal.

- Use a knife dipped in hot water to smoothen an icing surface and sides. Repeat the action till the whole icing is smoothened.

- Add a pinch of soda bicarbonate to the water when boiling peas and other green vegetables. It will boil faster and also help in retaining the bright green colour.

- To bake potatoes crisp and brown, soak the peeled potatoes in hot water for a while. Pat dry and pierce all over with a fork before placing them in hot fat along with the roast.

- Easiest way to chop raisins is to sprinkle some flour over them so they don't stick. Cut with a small kitchen scissors as required.

Source: Rehana Khambaty

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