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Top 10 healthy family fitness activities Gallery
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Fitness activities for families to share

While we`re all leading busy lives, it can be hard to fit in family time, let alone time to exercise. Instead of trying to juggle the two, why not merge them together? We`ve put together some family fitness activities that will help you to bond as well as keeping everyone fit and healthy!

So how can you fit in time for fitness and time for the family when you have so little time on your hands? The answer is to combine the two: healthy family activities. With a little planning and organisation, you can enjoy time with your family and maintain yours and your family`s health and fitness at the same time. Think this is easier said than done? Then check out our top 10 healthy family activities, which is full of fun family fitness ideas, including sporting activities and non-sporting healthy alternatives.

Sporting activities for the family

Getting the family involved in sport is a guaranteed way of improving everyone`s fitness – so why not try out some of the following sport-orientated family fitness suggestions?

Healthy family fitness activity 1:
Swimming with the family. Swimming is always a sure-fire hit with the kids. In fact the difficulty is persuading them to get out of the pool. Swimming is an excellent family activity because it`s great fun and everyone can participate at their own level. Also, because it is a weight-supported exercise, it is ideal if impact activities are unsuitable for you or you have an injury. An hour swimming can burn up to 300 calories as well as build your upper-body strength and it also gives your heart, lungs and all the major muscle groups in your body a good workout.

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