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Top 10 high fibre foods Gallery
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Top 10 high fibre foods

Fibre constitutes a very important part of our diet. But why does something which doesn`t even get absorbed into our bloodstream still hold a respectable place as a food essential in our regular and balanced diet ? At the very basic level fibre is roughage that helps in binding and moving food ahead in the digestive tract and its presence in our diet ensures regularity of bowel.

But the other benefits of fibre consumption range from controlling overeating and fat absorption in the body to reducing cholesterol and chances of cancer. It also neutralizes blood sugar levels.

Top 10 high fibre foods

Pear: This fruit with edible skin is packed with fibre. A medium sized pear when consumed with the skin contains approximately five grams of fibre. Delicious to eat and easy to carry, a pear is a great option to curb that 4 pm hunger pang, while you are still at work.

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