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Top 10 tips to help your kids eat more healthily Gallery
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Top 10 tips to help your kids eat more healthily
Help your kids to develop healthy eating habits

It`s not always easy to get kids to eat what`s good for them, which can lead to potential health problems later on. So, what can you do? Well, here are 10 tips to make your kids eat more healthily.

In modern times we are becoming increasingly aware of the shortcomings of the foods we are feeding our children. Surveys show that children and teenagers are eating higher levels of salt, sugar, and saturated fat than government guidelines recommend, and are failing to reach the five-a-day target for fruit and vegetable portions. This means that they are potentially missing out on vital nutrients that contribute to optimum development.

So, in practical terms, what can parents do to ensure children develop healthy eating habits? Well, we`ve come up with 10 top tips to follow when considering your children and their nutrition:

Eat with your children. Children learn by example - so unfortunately if you scoff down junk food in front of the TV, they will soon learn to do the same! Make mealtimes enjoyable: set the table, discuss the day`s events, turn off the TV and put on some music or enjoy the silence. `Family` eating not only promotes home-cooked (and therefore usually more balanced) meals, it also fosters a sense of routine and encourages social interaction - all of which lead to better eating habits later in life.

Make food fun! Experiment with new foods and make meals as colourful and as rich in variety as possible. We are naturally `turned on` by diversity - so the more visually stimulating a meal appears, and the more textures it incorporates, the more likely your children will be to tuck in!

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