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Dietary fibre is the name given collectively to indigestible carbohydrates present in foods. The main components of dietary fibre are cellulose, hemicellulose, hexosans, pectin substances, gums, mucilliages and lignin. Some of these are soluble in water while others are not. Indigestible dietary fibre is also known as roughage, bulk or residue.

Fibre is used for the normal clearing of the bowel. People with high intake of fibre show less chances of suffering from diverticulitis, irritable colon, haemorrhoids, cancer of colon, obesity, coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus and gall stones.

How is it useful?

1. Dietary fibre holds water so that stools are soft, bulky and readily evacuated. A high fibre intake prevents constipation.

2. Low incidence of colon cancer is reported in people with high intake of dietary fibre.

3. Fibre helps in slimming since it contains very less calories.

4. Dietary fibre has good effects on the dietary management of diabetes.

5. Coronary heart diseases are low in people who consume high fibre diet.

6. High fibre has a beneficial effect on tooth decay since fibre requires more chewing, promoting salivary flow and preventing food stagnation.

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