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Vermicilli Pudding
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By : Chitra
Category : Kheer and pudding, Pudding Recipes, Milk
Servings : 2
Time Taken : 30-45 mins
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  1. Roast the vermicilli in 4 tbsps of ghee till they get a golden brown colour.

  2. Boil the milk. Once it starts boiling, add the vermicilli to the milk.

  3. Allow it to boil till the vermicilli gets cooked.

  4. Now, add the sugar and stir till it dissolves. Also, add the saffron and cardamom powder.

  5. Let it continue boiling till you get the desired consistency. Some like it thick and some like it thin.

  6. Garnish with roasted cashew. Serve hot or cold.

Vermicilli - 200 gms
Milk - 1 litre
Sugar - 250 grams
Cardamom powder
Saffron - 2 pinches
Ghee - 8 tbsps
Cashews - 15-20 pieces

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