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Tawa Vegetables
Category : Ingredient, Vegetables, Tomatoes
Time Taken : 30-45 mins
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  1. Put oil in karahi/deep pan.

  2. Now cut ladies finger/brinjal/karela from one side to make pocket.

  3. Fill in garam masala with salt. If you like put amchur also here for sour taste.

  4. Fry all the above vegetables. Preferably all vegetables should be dried and pre baked in oven to remove some water.

  5. Fry each lot of vegetables for 6 minutes each. Now mix these vetables on tawa and spary salt on these and mix so not to damage physical appearance.

  6. Whenever want to serve heat on tawa and serve. Should alaways be served with yellow dal if possible.


100 gms Ladies Finger (bhindi)
100 gms small Brinjal or cut big into small pieces
100 gms Karela fully peeled off and dipped in water to remove some bitterness
100 gms Potatoes in medium long pieces
100 gms Cauliflower cut into medium pieces
50 gms Carrot in long thin pieces
100 gms Arbi peeled and cut in long thin pieces
1 litre Cooking Oil for frying
Salt as per taste
2 tea spoonful Garam Masala
Amchur Powder mixed with red chilli

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