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Frozen Gulab Phirni
By : ambika
Category : Milk, Kashmiri, Desserts, Sugar, Basic recipes, Cakes and sweets
Servings : 3
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
Rating :
  1. Pour the milk into a heavy bottomed vessel and add the rice flour and raw rice to it.
  2. Bring the milk to boil until it reduces to half the original volume.
  3. Constantly stir in between and add the sugar gradually.
  4. Once the milk completely boils add the gulab essence and the saffron.
  5. Empty the contents into a container of desired shape.
  6. After the contents cool down add the garnishing and freeze it.
  7. Serve the frozen phirni with desired ice cream flavour.
Whole milk - 1 ltr
Rice flour - 50 gms
Raw rice - 4 tbsp
Sugar - 150 gms
Gulab essence - 1 tsp
Kashmiri saffron - few strands
Almonds and raisins to garnish
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