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Angoor Basundi
By : Nikita Kambli
Category : Paneer, Maharashtrian, Desserts
Servings : 5-6
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
Rating :
  1. Firstly from 1ltr of milk take out 1 small of milk.
  2. Boil the rest of milk, add sweetend condensed milk to boiling milk.
  3. Mix 1tps of cornflour to the cup of milk which we had kept aside.
  4. Mix well and add slowly to the boiled milk.
  5. Keep stiring on a low flame for 10 min.
  6. Now add Kesar and cardomen powder to the milk.
  7. Basundi is ready


  1. In a pressure cooker add 4 cups of water and sugar. Boil till the sugar has been dissolved. We dont need a thick syrup like Gulabjamun.
  2. Take paneer in bowl add 2 tsp of sugar and mix it properly. Mix till the sugar has completly amalgamated in paneer with the lower part of your palm.
  3. Make two parts of paneer in two seperate bowl. In one bowl add yellow colour and other red colour. Dont worry if it turns of dark pink or dark yellow in colour once we cook the colour will become lighter. Make very small balls of each colour. Add to the boiling sugar water. Close the lid of pressure cooker with whistle on it on high flame till one whistle and then lower the flame and cook till 5-6 min. Switch off the flame and let the pressure cooker cooldown. Angoor will be now double the size of original balls.
  4. Finally add angoor to the basundi.
  5. Angoor basundi is ready to serve and garnish it with dryfruits.
ltr full Milk for Basundi
2tps of sugar
1 cup of sugar (for Syrup)
1 tin for Condesed milk
1 tps of Cornflour ( to fastend the process)
few strands Kesar(optional)
Chopped Dry fruits(Badam, Pista)
Cardomen powder
Red color( optional)
Yellow color( optional)
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