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Butterscotch Phirni
By : Rachael Abraham from nizam city hyderabad
Category : Milk, Hyderabad, Desserts
Servings : 3-4
Time Taken : 30-45 mins
Rating :
  1. Heat ghee in a thick bottomed vessel, add rice atta and roast.
  2. Once it turns light golden take it out on a plate and keep aside.
  3. Now take another thick bottomed vessel, heat milk.
  4. Once the milk boils, add saffron.
  5. When colour changes, on a very low flame add the rice atta.
  6. Keep stirring till the atta is cooked.
  7. Add sugar and mix well then add butterscotch, milk shake powder and mix well for 2 mins
  8. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  9. Remove to a glass bowl and garnish with sliced almonds.
  10. Cool and refrigegerate for 1/2 hour.
  11. Serve in small mud bowls.
1 litre - milk
1/2 cup - sugar
1/2 cup - milk powder
6 tsp - Butterscotch milk powder
3 tsp - ghee
2 tsp - rice atta or rice soaked in water for 2 hours; then dried in the sun and powdered in a blender
50g - almonds, sliced
50g - pistachios, chopped
A pinch of saffron
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