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Mushroom Masala Recipe
By : Sify Bawarchi
Category : Mushroom, North indian, Health food
Servings : 3
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
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Side dishes or gravies can`t always have meat as dominant components. Vegetarians have equally splendid substitutes that can and defintely yield better side dishes or gravy. Mushroom masala is an equally innovative dish that has earned the liking of several vegetarians. The spice melody and infusion of select vegetables to go with mushroom makes it a worthwhile eat. The liking for mushroom is only growing multifold. If an edible fungus when cooked gives a pleasing favour which only intensifies intensely when used with a concoction of things, why wouldn`t the heart sing a melody. It`s meaty texture is what adds to its versatility - you could use it to saute, broil, bake and the list goes on. Mushroom masala could serve as a gravy or side dish. You could simmer it for longer and make it semi gravy and it would serve well with the flat breads or noodles, leave it as it is and serve with a hot bed of rice - versatility at its best.

Soak the peas in water for about 2 hrs.
Dice the mushroom and let it sit in water mixed with salt.This can be done while you are about to cook to avoid blackening of mushroom
Dice the potato and let it sit in the water mixed with salt too to avoid blackening.

1) In a heavy bottom wok heat half the amount of sesame oil.
2) Add ginger, garlic and diced onion and caramelize with sugar.
3) Oncce golden brown add soy sauce and stir. Add the tomato and let cook till mashed.
4) Add the seasoning ingredients and stir again.
5) Add potato first, as it would take longer to cook, followed by peas. Give a quick stir and let cook for 2 minutes.
6) Add the tomato puree and mix well again. Cover the wok and let cook for 5 minutes.
7) Uncover the lid and add the mushrooms. Stir well to incorporate all the seasoning, add water (full if you like it as gravy) or (half if you like it as semi-gravy). Cover and let cook for 10-15 minutes or till the vegetables are cooked.
8) Once cooked simmer the heat completely.
9) In another wok, add the remaining sesame oil and heat.
10) To the heated oil add sliced onion and fry till translucent, add the sliced bell peppers till partially cooked and still crunchy.
11) Remove the capsicum and layer it on top of the simmering mushroom masala.
12) Remove from heat and garnish with coriander and roasted sesame seeds.

1) Frying the bell peppers seperately is only to retain its crunchy texture and preventing it from losing its color. It acts as a taste enhancer and combines well with mushrooms. The entire procedure can be completely omitted if you can not find bell peppers.
2) You could substitute shitake mushrooms for button mushroom and omit potatoes too. Remove the stem while using shitake mushroom but do not throw away. You could use it to make stock and add it to the same dish instead of water.

Button Mushroom- 1 pkt ( diced)
Spring onions - 1 sprig
Onion- 1 ( sliced)
Onion- 1 diced
Tomato- 2 (chopped)
Bell Pepper- 2 (thin sliced, red/ green/Yellow)
Sesame oil- 9-10 tbsp
Leeks- 1 chopped
Ginger- 1/2 tsp (julianne)
Garlic- 3/4 tsp (chopped)
Peas- 1/2 cup (optional)
Potato- 1/4 cup diced small
Sugar- 1/4 tsp
Tomato puree- 1/2 cup

Salt- according to taste
Turmeric- 1/2 tsp
Chilli powder- 1 tsp
Cumin powder- 1 tsp
Curry powder- 1 tsp ( store bought will do)
Soy sauce- 3/4 tsp

Spring onions- finely chopped
Coriander- finely chopped
Parmesan cheese - grated or
Sesame seeds - roasted

Fried noodles
Steamed rice

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