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Soya sticks in foils
By : Rehana Khambaty
Category : Party recipes, Snacks and refreshments
Servings : 4
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
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  1. Heat the oil and fry the soya sticks for 2-3 mins. Remove and keep aside.
  2. In the same oil, fry the onion paste till translucent.
  3. Mix in the rest of the paste and the spices and stir till the masalas blend together. Lower the heat and mix in the soya sticks and stir gently. Continue to cook on low heat. Place each soya stick in a foil and wrap into a parcel. Place the parcel in a pre-heated oven or grill and cook for 5-6 mins. more.
  4. You could also team the soya parcels and serve piping hot in the foil itself.
  5. The idea to put the parcels on the grill or oven or steamer is to be able to serve piping hot. The heat is retained in the foil covering.
  6. Serve as a starter.
6 soya sticks
1 cup onion paste
1 cup tomato paste
1 tsp haldi powder
1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
1 tbsp red or green chilli paste
3 tbsp oil
Salt to taste
Foil for grilling
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