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Cheese sweet corn cake with spinach
By : manikankana
Category : Corn, Bengal, Special recipes
Servings : 8
Time Taken : 30-45 mins
Rating :
  1. Cook the sweet corn (don`t overcook) and drain out the water.
  2. Boil the spinach and drain the excess water.
  3. Crush the sweet corns in food processor (don`t use blender/grinder).
  4. While crushing, add 50% of the cream-cheese, salt, a little green chilli making a semi-pliable mixture
  5. Saute the mixture in butter; divide into 2 equal halves and set aside.
  6. Squeeze water completely from spinach.
  7. Mash it and blend with 1 green chilli and salt.
  8. Make a dough, saute in butter and keep aside.
  9. Mash the cottage cheese to a smooth paste.
  10. Mix in brown sugar, black pepper to taste and rest of the cream cheese and keep aside.
  11. Crush the biscuits with butter and set aside.
  12. Take a baking dish, spread butter-paper over it.
  13. Put the crushed biscuits - set them properly at the base of the tin in thin and even layer.
  14. Now spread one portion of the sweet-corn over the biscuit layer evenly.
  15. Spread some grated cheese; the spinach layer and again some grated cheese.
  16. Then spread cottage cheese layer and again some grated cheese.
  17. Next, on the top, remaining of sweet corn layer.
  18. Finally, spread the last top layer of cheese.
  19. Pre-heat the oven at 220 degree centigrade and put the baking dish for 5-6 minutes or till the top most cheese layer melts partially and make a network.
  20. Extract the citrus fruit juices and reduce it to half with sugar.
  21. Serve the sliced cake with citrus fruit-juice.
500 gms - sweet corn
200 gms - cottage cheese
1 medium bunch - spinach (only leaves are required)
75-100 gms - cream cheese
75 gms - processed chedar/smoked cheese
2 tbsp - brown sugar
Salt to taste
2-3 - green chilli
Some bakery biscuits, preferebly, toasts/butter biscuits
Butter as leavening
Some citrus fruits of your choice
Sugar (as required)
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