Sify Bawarchi
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By : Rehana Khambaty
Category : Cakes and sweets, Gujarat, Gujarati, Sweets and cakes, Starters and accompaniments
Servings : 4
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
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  1. Sieve the flour and add ghee to it. Mix well.
  2. Add baking powder and water and knead into hard dough.
  3. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and keep aside for 10-15 mins.
  4. Divide the dough into three long rolls.
  5. Roll each portion to half inch thickness and cut them into half inch diamond pieces.
  6. Heat oil in a kadhai and deep fry the pieces on medium heat for 10-12 mins, till they turn crisp and golden in colour.
  7. Drain the excess oil and keep the fried pieces aside.
  8. To prepare the sugar coating, boil together the water and sugar in a pan till the mixture attains a one string consistency.
  9. Remove the sugar syrup from heat and add the fried pieces to it.
  10. Mix them together with the help of a flat spoon to coat the pieces evenly.
  11. Do not mix too much, as the sugar will harden.
  12. Remove the shakarparas from the syrup and let them dry for a while.
  13. Store them in an airtight container.
All purpose flour - 500 gms
Ghee - 100 gms
Baking powder - 1.25 tsp
Water for kneading
Oil for frying

For the sugar coating:
Sugar - 300 gms
Water - 100 ml

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