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Chanar jilipi
By : Sweta Chakraborty
Category : Bengali sweets, Indian sweets, Festive sweets
Servings : 10
Time Taken : 30-45 mins
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  1. Mix all the ingredients together ( semolina, solidied milk solids, ghee and water) in a container. Use your hand to mix well in order to make a homogeneous mixture.
  2. The mixture should be such that it should not be very tight neither too much on the liquid side.
  3. Make equal doughs and make an elongated structure, the way shown in the figure above.
  4. Twist the either side of the elongated structure and make a round network as shown in the figure above. This twisted structure is the real shape of a jilipi.
  5. Fry the twisted structures in a pan filled oil. Fry them until they take a golden brownish structure. This is the real color of chanar jilipi.
  6. Boil water with sugar in a container to make a sugar syrup. Release cardamom pieces in the sugar syrup so as to obtain a nice, mind boggling essence.

Note: Preparation for about 20 pieces.

Recipe and image: swetawriter

250 gms solidified condensed milk or mawa
100 gms semolina or suji
3 tsp ghee
100 cc. water
150 gms sugar (for the preparation of syrup)
2-3 pieces cardamom or elaichi
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