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Oliga (bobbatlu/poli)
By : Uma Devi Ramachandra
Category : Maida, South indian, Special recipes, Sweets and cakes
Servings : 8
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
Rating :
  1. Cook dal till soft but not mashed, drain water completely (preserve it & this can be used to prepare oliga rasam)
  2. Add jaggery & elachi powder to dal and grind it into a fine paste
  3. Make lemon-sized balls and keep aside, this is poornam/stuffing
  4. Make soft dough with maida by using water, a pinch of salt & a tablespoon of oil
  5. The dough should be very soft and stretchable, keep it under a wet cloth for 1 hour
  6. Divide dough into same number of portions as of poornams, sprinkle a few drops of oil over them to prevent drying
  7. Take a ball of dough, put it on the plantain leaf/plastic sheet, stretch with fingers to make a round, put the poornam in the centre and gather the edges over poornam to cover stuffing completely
  8. Prepare all the rounds and keep them aside
  9. Put the stuffed ball on the sheet and gently pat with fingers to form a thin disc (you can use a chapathi rolling pin)
  10. Sprinkle some khuskhus on the prepared oliga and press the seeds gently
  11. Lift the sheet, release the oliga on stretched palm and drop it on tawa
  12. Sprinkle oil on and around the oliga, lfry till light golden brown on both sides
  13. Remove and stock them
  14. If using aluminium sheet to pat the oliga, they can be dropped directly on tawa
  15. Serve the oliga or bobbatlu with home made ghee, milk and sugar

Tip: Dip fingers in oil now and then while preparing oliga to prevent the flour from sticking to your fingers.

1/2 kg - toovar dal (kandipappu)
400 g - jaggery powder
400 g - maida/oliga rawa
10 - elachi(powdered)
1 tbsp - khuskhus
Salt a pinch
Thick plastic sheet/plantain leaf/oliga reku (thin aluminium sheet), to prepare oliga
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