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Microwave colocasia fry
By : Uma Devi Ramachandra
Category : Vegetables, Andhra recipes
Servings : 3
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
Rating :
  1. Clean colocasia in plenty of water
  2. Make 1 or 2 pricks or small cuts on them
  3. Put them in a micro safe glass bowl along wih water (immerse them in water, covered lightly)
  4. Cook under micro high for 4 to 5 min, stop & stir 2 or 3 times.
  5. Check and if necessary micro high for another min.
  6. Allow standing time, peel and cut them into 1" to 1 and 1/2 inch pieces and keep aside.
  7. Take another micro safe glass bowl, add oil and salt, turmeric powder, cumin, red chilli powder.
  8. Mix well and micro on high for a min.
  9. Remove from oven, add colocasia pieces, mix thoroughly so that masala is coated evenly.
  10. Place it in oven again and micro on high for 4 min.
  11. Stir twice in between.
  12. Sprinkle garam masala and kasuri methi, mix once and keep on high for 30 sec to 1 min.

Note: It is always better to use a bigger bowl than what is needed to avoid spilling etc. Adjust timings according to your oven.

Image: Flickr/creativecommons mdid

250g - colocasia (chamadumpa in telugu), medium size
1 tsp - red chilli powder
Turmeric powder, a pinch
2 to 3 tsp - oil
1/2 tsp - garam masala
1/2 tsp - cumin
1/2 tsp - kasuri methi
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