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Easy Pizza for Kids
  1. Use a bottle cap to cut a round of the bread slice sprinkle some water to make it little wet.
  2. Spread/grate some cheese on the slice.
  3. Spread tomato sauce.
  4. Add onion, corn and capsicum.
  5. Sprinkle some pepper along with some salt.
  6. Add some more cheese.
  7. Place the slice on greased preheated tava.
  8. Cover the top with some lid.
  9. Let the slice roast on min heat till the base becomes crispy and the cheese to melt.
  10. Serve with sauce top up.
Bread slices - 2
Shredded cheese as required
Capsicum slices - few
Onion slices - 1/2 onion
Tomato sauce as required
Crushed pepper as required
Sweet corn (optional)
Chilli flakes if required
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