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Vada curry
By : Pavithra Elangovan
Category : South Indian lunches, Lentils
Servings : 4
Time Taken : 45-60 mins
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For making vada:

  1. Soak the three dals for a few hours and grind it like vada batter, that is slightly coarse.
  2. Now heat oil in the wok or kadai.
  3. Drop the batter as small balls into the oil.
  4. Deep fry till slightly golden brown.
  5. Meanwhile, we have to make the curry in which we put these vadas for soaking.

For making curry:

  1. Grind the first nine ingredients to a coarse paste as we do for kurma.
  2. Heat oil in the kadai, saute the onion to slight brown color.
  3. Now add the curry leaves and tomato.
  4. Saute till the tomato is mushy.
  5. Now add the ground paste and add water 3 times.
  6. Cook till raw aroma disappears.
  7. Now the gravy starts to thicken.
  8. Add the vadas that you made and garnish with coriander leaves.

Recipe and image: Dishes from My Kitchen


For vada:
1/4 cup - urad dal
1/4 cup - channa dal
1/4 cup - moong dal
Salt and oil

For curry:
1/4 cup - coconut
1/2 tbsp - poppy seeds
5 - red chilli
1/4 tsp - fennel/saunf
1 - clove
1 - cardamom
3 cloves - garlic
1/2 tbsp - roasted gram dal
1/4 tbsp - coriander seeds
1 - onion, sliced
1 - tomato, cubed
Salt and oil
Curry leaves and coriander leaves

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