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Sorrel sepals jam
By : Uma Devi Ramachandra
Category : Vegetables, Andhra recipes, Chutneys, sauces, jam and pickles, Sugar
Servings : 10t
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
Rating :
  1. Pick, wash & drain the sepals in a colander.
  2. Put them in a non-stick pan & cook under sim, stirring continiously until the whole thing becomes a sticky soft lump.
  3. Add sugar & again cook under sim stirring continuously, till sugar & sepal mass blend well together.
  4. Continue stirring till the whole mass leaves the sides of pan.
  5. Add citric acid & fruit essence, mix well & keep it for a few seconds & remove from fire.
  6. Serve with bread/chapathi/just as any jam.
  7. Preserve in a sterilised bottle & it keeps for 6 months.
  8. This jam has got its own taste & flavour (even without any essence)& an attractive maroon colour.
500 g - sepals from sorrel flowers
500 g - sugar
1/2 tsp - citric acid
1/4 tsp - fruit essence (optional)
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