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Spinach celery soup
By : Rehana Khambaty
Category : Raitas, salads and soups, Vegetables
Servings : 2
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
Rating :
  1. Wash spinach well in several changes of water, remove any tough stalks. Chop spinach.
  2. Scrub celery, cut into slices.
  3. Wash, trim and slice onions.
  4. Peel and crush garlic to a smooth paste with a little salt.
  5. Heat butter and oil in a large saucepan.
  6. Add prepared vegetables and garlic and cook gently, stirring for 10-15 mins. or until softened.
  7. Season with salt and pepper and add stock.
  8. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 20 mins.
  9. Cool, then sieve or liquidize in an electric blender.
  10. Return soup to rinsed out pan and heat gently.
  11. Stir in cream before serving.
450 gms. fresh spinach
1 small head of celery
4 spring onions
1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp. oil
1 litre veg stock
150 ml. single cream
25 gms. butter
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