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Vella Dosai
By : Chitra Ramachandran
Category : Breakfast, Jaggery, Wheat
Servings : 4
Time Taken : 30-45 mins
Rating :
  1. Dissolve jaggery in one glass of warm water and filter.
  2. Mix in the wheat flour and rice flour little by little in the cooled jaggery water.
  3. Add more water little at a time as you blend the dough till it reaches a pouring dosa batter consistancy.
  4. Mix in the cardamom powder and optionally the ginger powder and salt.
  5. Grease a tava with ghee and heat it.
  6. Pour a ladle of dough and swirl it holding the handle,so that the dough spreads evenly on the tava.
  7. Dribble ghee all around and cook till it is done.
  8. Since the dosai contains jaggery, it will be a little sticky. Use a non-stick tava and an appropriate ladel, and carefully flip over, else the dosai can tear.
  9. Cook the other side for a few seconds and remove the Vella Dosai from the tava.
  10. Allow the dosai to cool a few seconds before serving. This will let the caramelized jaggery to cool and the dosai will `set`.
  11. It`s best taken warm, while the sides of the dosai are still crispy.
  12. Relish the vella dosais by topping with a big blob of white unsalted butter.

Recipe courtesy: Chitra Amma's Kitchen

1 glass - whole wheat flour
1 tbsp - rice flour
3/4 glass - powdered jaggery
1 pinch - cardamom powder
Ghee - for cooking
A pinch of ginger powder, and a pinch of salt can be added for additional flavour - Optional
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