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Golden fried baby corn
By : Tania Bhattacharjee
Category : Corn, Chinese, Vegetables, Snacks and refreshments
Servings : 4
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
Rating :
  1. Cut the baby corn into three juliennes each
  2. Mix cornflour, flour, oil, baking powder, ajinomoto, salt and pepper well
  3. Add enough water to make a smooth dough and beat well. The batter should be thick
  4. Heat oil in a frying pan
  5. Dip the baby corn in the batter and fry till golden brown
  6. Serve hot with chilli sauce
6 nos - baby corn
2 tbsp - corn flour
2 tbsp - flour
1 tsp - oil
1/4 tsp - baking powder
Ajinomoto, a pinch
Salt and pepper to taste
Oil for frying
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