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Mung dal snack
By : Uma Devi Ramachandra
Category : Lentils, Andhra recipes, Pulses and lentils
Servings : 3
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
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  1. Put soaked mung dal in boiling water with salt, cover and keep it on fire for 5min.
  2. Remove lid and drain, keep aside.
  3. Heat oil, add mustard seeds, red chillies, cumin, ginger, garlic and curry leaves.
  4. Fry till the mustard seeds crackle.
  5. Add boiled dal adn stir fry for 2 to 3min.
  6. Sprinkle chopped coriander leaves, add a little salt if needed and remove.
  7. Serve as tea time snack

Tip: The dal should not be mashed; it should be chewvy, not crisp.

Editor`s notes: Lentils, a nutritionally rich member of the legume family, get about 30% of their calories from proteins. They are a very good source of cholesterol-lowering fibre. They contain significant amounts of folate and magnesium which are good for your heart. Lentils can boost your iron content which is especially good for menstruating women.

Serving suggestions:
Lentils can be served as salad with chopped cucumber, diced tomatoes and a dash of pepper, salt and lime juice.
Add sprouted lentils to your curries and gravies or your porridge.
Also fortify your pasta/macaroni with a handful of boiled lentils.
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400gms - mung dal, husk removed, soaked for 4 hours
1 - green chilli, chopped fine (optional)
1/2 tsp - grated ginger
6 to 8 - curry leaves (chopped if you desire)
2 tsp - chopped coriander
1 tsp - cumin
A pinch - mustard
1 tbsp - oil
6 cloves - peeled, crushed garlic
4 - red chillies, broken into pieces
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