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Mango Murabba
By : Rehana Khambaty
Category : Bengal, Chutneys, sauces, jam and pickles, Mango
Servings : 10
Time Taken : More than
Rating :
  1. Peel and cut the mangoes into thick long slices.
  2. Dissolve the pan ka chuna and some salt in water and put in the mango slices.
  3. Set aside whole night.
  4. Next morning, drain out the water nicely and wash the slices into 4 to 5 clear changes of water.
  5. Then boil the mangoes in water for 5 mins. and drain out the water completely.
  6. Put 3 cups water in sugar and prepare a syrup of one thread consistency, then put in salt and mango slices and cook over a slow fire till the syrup turns thick.
  7. Mix in the rest of the above ingredients and remove from fire.
  8. Cool and bottle and use when required.
1 kg raw mangoes
2 kg sugar
1/2 tbsp pan ka chuna
25g cinnamon stick
50g raisins
25g big red kashmiri chillies, broken into bits
1 tbsp dry ginger powder
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