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Parval Jamun
By : Rehana Khambaty
Category : Vegetables, Daals and curries, Bengal
Servings : 2
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
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  1. Blanch and grind all the nuts coarsely. Slice the raisins. Grind the paneer.
  2. Mix together 200 gms. powdered sugar along with all the above ingredients with the exception of sugar, foil and parvals.
  3. Peel and cut small pieces of parvals from the ends and very carefully take out the seeds being careful not to break the shells.
  4. Stuff gently and carefully with the khoya mixture and steam for half an hour or till soft.
  5. Remove from fire and set aside.
  6. Put 3 cups of water in sugar and prepare a syrup of one third consistency.
  7. Put in the parvals and set aside whole night.
  8. Next morning, remove from syrup and cover with foil.
  9. Use the syrup in any other called for recipe.

Serves:4 to 6

25 - large parvals
200 g - khoya
150 g - paneer
25 g - each of cashewnuts, almonds, pistachio nuts and raisins
a few drops orange red colour
½ tsp - essence of saffron
300 g - sugar
1 tsp - cardamom powder
silver foil
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