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Tasty Grape Wine
By : Shilpa terrence
Category : Fruits, Goa, Vegetables
Servings : 15
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
Rating :
  1. Mix yeast with 100g sugar and add 3 cups slightly warm water.
  2. Stir and cover with a lid and allow it to ferment.
  3. Pluck grapes from the branches and wash nicely.
  4. Drain and put the grapes in an earthen pot.
  5. Add fermented yeast, wheat grains, remaining sugar, measured water and the beaten egg to the grapes.
  6. Close the mouth of the pot with a cloth and replace the lid.
  7. Every day at the same timing, open the pot and stir the grapes.
  8. After 23 days, open the pot and sieve the contents.
  9. Clean the earthen pot and pour back the wine into the pot.
  10. For colour, add sugar caramel (optional)
  11. Now, close the pot again with a cloth and replace the lid tightly.
  12. Do not touch at all till 2 weeks.
  13. After 2 weeks, grape wine is ready.
  14. Pour out into clean glass bottles.
2 kg - grapes(fresh and black in color)
4 litres - water (boiled and cooled)
100g - wheat (whole)
100g - yeast
2&1/4 kg - sugar
2 - egg white (beaten)
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