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Macaroni pakoda
By : Sreekumari
Category : Semolina, Tamilnadu, Snacks and refreshments
Servings : 4-5
Time Taken : 15-30 mins
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  1. First boil the macaroni in a small bowl with a litte water.
  2. Allow it to cook in the microwave for 3 to 4 minutes till it is al dente.
  3. Throw the water out or squeeze the water out of the macaroni and put it in a bowl.
  4. Now add channa dal, rice flour, salt, chilli powder, onion and mix all together till it forms a coarse dough.
  5. Try not to add water; you can wet your hands in the cooked macaroni water, which is a little thick because of the carb content in the macaroni.
  6. Taste test the dough for salt and chilli.
  7. Pour oil in a deep kadai and let it become hot, and when it is very hot, reduce the heat of the stove, and start putting small balls of dough or push a small amount of dough between your thumb and index finger.
  8. You can put 5 to 6 balls and start frying.
  9. When it turns color and becomes light brown, you can take it out and place it on a paper towel, so that the excess oil is absorbed.
  10. The same way finish the remaining dough and serve it with tomato ketchup or mint or coriander chutney.

Image: Flickr/creativecommons sashafatcat

1 packet - small elbow shaped macaroni
1.5 cups - channa dal
1/2 cup - rice flour
2 tbsp - chillie powder
1 tsp - salt
1/2 cup - onion (optional)
Oil for deep frying
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