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Kolumb Making Made Easier
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Kolumb is a main course south indian dish that is like sambhar .. you mix it with rice and eat or you can use it as a side dish with chapati, rotis etc... I have already posted how to make the kolumb podi earlier.. and this is how you use the podi for making the kolumb .. you cook any vegetable with toor dall and one or two tomatoes ( not shown in this video ) in a pressure cooker ...about one fistful of toor dal for each person and the vegetable .. the vegetable can be any of beans, gourds, cauliflower, spinach or any leafy vegetable of your choice .. ( not roots like potatoes .. for which nalgari is suitable .. will tell you about that in a subsequent video) .... In a separate vessel add about 2 teaspoons of kolumb podi, two teaspoons of copra gratings, one teaspoon of wheat flour, salt, cilantro and karepak..mix this in a little water and add to the previously cooked toor dall ... bring the whole into a boil .. do not boil too much lest the flavour be lost. when boiled to a homogenous mass. it is ready .. EAT !

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