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Phool Gobi Aloo Cauliflower Potato
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Are you looking for simple Aloo Phool Gobi Recipe? I am sharing my easy recipe to cook Aloo Phoo Gobi through this recipe video. Even if you are a beginner at cooking, you can try the easy Aloo Phool Gobi Recipe and surprise your family and friends. The Aloo Phoo Gobi is a popular North Indian dish. In Hindi, which is a common language of North India, potato is known as Aloo and cauliflower is called Phool Gobi. Hence, this is known as Aloo Phool Gobi Sabji or Cauliflower Potato Fry. Aloo Gobi is an everyday food during the season of cauliflower, so I have used controlled amount of spices and vegetable oil to make it nutritious and healthy. Aloo Gobi can be eaten during lunch, dinner or break-fast. Phool Gobi Aloo fry goes well with Roti or Chapati, rice, Paratha, and Puri. Enjoy and do let me know how this Aloo Phool Gobi Recipe turned out for you.

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