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Tengul Making Made Easier
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Tengul is a snack which is crispy, very tasty and very easy to make .. this is how you make it : You take two measures of finely ground ( you can grind it in your dry grinder ) moong dall ( sieved to the fineness of wheat flour ) mix with 4 measures of rice flour, add jeera, salt, and hing .. you then make a dough of this and load the dough into the extruder, deep fry it in cooking oil till crisp and cool a bit and then EAT ! Note: you can add a bit of butter to the dough and it will enhance the taste. CAUTION: SOMETIMES THE STUFF YOURE DEEP FRYING CAN EXPLODE AND RESULT IN BURNS ON YOUR HANDS - BE CAREFUL .. KEEP A DISTANCE WHILE FRYING .. ( IN THIS CLIP YOU CAN SEE THE PEICE EXPLODING .. AND YES I DID GET SOME BURN ON MY LEFT HAND.. COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE . LIKE IT FLYING INTO MY EYES .. SO TAKE CARE ! )

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